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Registration and Indexation of a Medical Journal in PakMediNet

Terms and Conditions for registration and indexation of a medical journal in the PakMediNet :

  1. Journal should be based in Pakistan and should have a Pakistani origin.
  2. Journals should be in English language.
  3. Journal should have an ISSN Registration number.
  4. A minimum of two issues should be published in a year. Before applying for inclusion in Pakmedinet, atleast two issues should have been published.
  5. Journal should contain more original / research articles than review articles.
  6. Journal should have an Editorial board with a good research background and expertise.

From May 2024 onwards, one time Registration Fee of Rs. 20,000/- will be charged for registration and indexation of new Journal. This would be accepted as Cheque or bank transfer. Contact for details.

Please contact us on our feedback page if all of the above mentioned criteria are met by your journal.

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